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Why Go Naturally?
This article might take you a little
time to read ... it contains some
information about synthetic ingredients
that are commonly found in skin care products,
briefly explaining how these chemicals
may affect our bodies and our environment.

Borneo, Orangutans,
and Palm Oil Plantations

Palm Oil Article
An article to enlighten you about the
plight of wonderful natural places that
are at risk due to palm oil plantations.

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And where the marjoram once, and sage, and rue,
And balm, and mint, with curl'd-leaf parsley grew,
And double marigolds, and silver thyme,
And pumpkins 'neath the window climb;
And where I often, when a child, for hours
Tried through the pales to get the tempting flowers,
As lady's laces, everlasting peas,
True-love-lies-bleeding, with the hearts-at-ease,
And golden rods, and tansy running high,
That o'er the pale-tops smiled on passers-by.

Excerpt from poem by John Clare, (nineteenth century)

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