Skin Care Tips

Protecting our skin from the elements is one of the most important things we can do to care for our skin. We can eat all the right things that are beneficial to the skin, we can pamper our skin and apply endless skin care products ... but, if we ignore the fact that our skin requires protection, the effects of time are sure to show more quickly.

Now, we don't need to hide our heads under overly-huge hats ... but it makes a good point!

This page is going to explore some of the ways we can try to protect our skin, with the main focus being on year-round sun protection.

Our skin requires protection, which varies with the seasons, so our articles will deal with these changing times with the following ...

Let's Exfoliate!

Sun Protection

Winter & Cold Weather Skin Protection

Dry Skin
Our skin maintains a delicate moisture balance. We may lose this balance for a variety of reasons.

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Oily Skin
Living with skin that produces more oil than it needs takes a bit of patience and understanding.

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Normal (Balanced)
The skin type referred to as "normal" is actually skin that is "balanced" ... not dry or oily.

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Skin conditions are often very uncomfortable, or even painful and beyond simply troublesome.

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Combination Skin
Ideally, caring for combination skin requires a bit of knowledge about how to care for balanced, dry, and oily skin.

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