Fragrance Oils for Candles & Scented Crafts
Some favorites & custom mixes we hope you will enjoy!

We offer some of our favorite types of scents for candles and scented crafts in small quantities. As time goes on, different fragrances will be included and some of the older ones will be removed from our selection. Many of our fragrance oils can be used in bath & body products. Unless noted, they can be used in melt 'n' pour soaps, bath salts, etc.; however, we have not tested them in CP or HP soap recipes (hopefully one day!)

Please note that there is a $8.50 ordering minimum of any combination of products.
Scents shown with an (*) have a flashpoint of over 200dF.
One-ounce scents

strong almond-liquer fragrance

Amaretto Latte
a bit sweeter & creamier than straight amaretto

festive orange & liquer

a festive & uplifting bayberry

Bayberry Bouquet
bayberry in a floral bouquet, including white ginger & gardenia

bayberry with just a twist of oranges & lemons

Bayberry-Natural Pine
bayberry with addition of woodsy pine resin

Bayberry Wreath
wild berries & twigs with bayberry

* sweet frosting on a cake
(almost clear)

* caramel coating as in candy popcorn
(yellow-light amber)

sweet cherry & liquer

Cherry-Berry Woods
cherries & berries with a woodsy mix

sweet cherry & refreshing lime

sweet cherry with just a slight touch of mint

Cinnamon Bun
* baked pastry with cinnamon
(pale yellow-almost clear - under 10% vanilla content)

Coffee & Danish
* coffee with a flaky pastry
(light amber - under 1% vanilla content)

Creamy Pumpkin-Caramel
* smooth pumpkin sweetened with caramel with a touch of cinnamon
candles-crafts only

Creme Brulee
* whipping cream, eggs, carmelized sugar dessert treat
(pale yellow)

Dried Green Apples
an "earthy type" green apple

Fresh-baked Bread
* biscuits, breads & rolls
(almost clear - under 1% vanilla content)

* delicate, fragrant white floral
(almost clear)

powdery floral

orange punch

Orange Danish
flaky pastry with orange icing

Peppermint White Fudge
* creamy peppermint
(pale yellow)

sweet combination of florals & berries

* aromatic sandalwood
(pale yellow)

Sandalwood-French Vanilla
* topped with a light custard-vanilla
(pale yellow, under 10% vanilla content)

* just a dash of cinnamon
(pale yellow)

Springtime Rain
light rain scent with a touch of delicate floral

light floral

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