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Our scents come to us through suppliers of quality scents that have been in the scent industry for a long time. We first ordered from these companies many years ago. Scent-mixing is a craft in itself, which we've done for many years and enjoy bringing those mixes to the marketplace for others to enjoy.

Traditional candle scents are often the method that is preferred by many candle makers, as many of them work the best with a variety of waxes, having both hot and cold scent throw. By design, these types of oils are intended for scent crafting or to be burned in candles. The candle making process of diluting the oil in hot wax usually does not weaken scented oils. The use of essential oils for some candle makers is out of reach due to the expense; also, some essential oils may lose their strength during the candle making process, as they can be affected by heat. In this respect, we feel that essential oils, for the most part, are best suited in aromatherapy techniques where the aroma from the essential oils is gently dispersed. This may help explain why we have selected traditional fragrance oils as our scent method of choice in regard to candles.

If there is a scent you wish to order in a larger size than what is shown as available, please let us know. Many of our scent selections may change over time as we enjoy employing new ones!
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Our supplies are here to help you in your craft and we are not responsible for your finished product design using our ingredients.

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