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We are currently not offering skin care products for sale. In the future, we plan to offer healing salves or creams, but for now, we're temporarily putting our natural skin care products on hold. For our customers who have ordered in the past and would like to re-order a product, please send an e-mail message with your request. Thank you!

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Viceroy Butterfly Our formulas are created with natural substances, including natural preservatives and emulsifiers. We also limit our use of palm oil and palm-derived products. We select suppliers that support the purchase of sustainable oils, and although some emulsifiers are palm-derived, we focus on minimal usage of these ingredients wherever possible.

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scents About essential oils ...
These are some of the essential oils that can be in natural skin care that are of benefit to the skin ...

Camphor - "woodsy"-herbal-slightly menthol
Clove - spicy-sweet
Lavender - herbal floral
Lavender-Palmarosa - lavender with light rosy scent
Lavender-Peppermint - lavender with a "pepperminty" twist
Palmarosa - rosy-light
Palmarosa-Peppermint - light rose scent with a hint of peppermint
Petitgrain - tart orange, woody floral
Rose Geranium - rosy with "clove-spice" quality
Tea Tree - "medicinal" herbal

Essential oils are derived purely from plants through steam distillation and offer benefits for various skin types. For instance, lavender, petitgrain, and rose geranium help to balance and tone; clove, camphor, and tea tree are cleansing; peppermint is cooling; lavender is soothing for sensitive skin; palmarosa and rose geranium nurture dry skin. Troubled skin, whether overly dry, oily, or experiencing dry patches or blemish break-outs, can benefit from the use of certain essential oils that are incorporated in skin care products. Beyond skin benefits, some essential oils offer aromatherapy value and serve to calm nerves and reduce stress, for instance.

Brief descriptions of essential oil benefits to the skin ...

Camphor Aids in soothing inflammation or itching; pungent type of scent, unlike many other oils - of a "medicinal" nature; "woodsy"-herbal-slightly menthol.

Clove Bud
A wonderful, sweet, yet potent spice that can aid in purification of the skin and prevent infection.

Smelling of roses, the essential oil of this wild grass can help to correct imbalances in the skin, adding suppleness and elasticity; all skin types can benefit from this all-around rejuvenating oil from minimizing production of oil, or stimulating new skin cells and preventing scarring and balancing hydration.

The balancing benefits of Palmarosa in concert with relaxing effects of Peppermint, an herb used since ancient times, known to be relaxing; often used medicinally; can relieve itching and help with skin conditions; good for sensitive skin types.

Obtained from bitter orange tree, this scent has historically been used in perfumery; can help maintain balance of moisture and oil on the skin; may benefit in treating breakouts or abnormal sweating; or dryness and cracking and other skin conditions; oily skin benefit. Sunlight should be avoided for several hours after the use of any product with wonderful Petitgrain, however, as it is a photosensitizer.

Scent of lavender is soothing and relaxing; often used to help relax or regenerate the skin; can reduce swelling or itching and promote healing; antibacterial, anti-inflammatory; soothing refreshing and purifying.

Relaxing to the senses and the skin, refreshing, cleansing, soothes stressed skin. A balancing combination! Lavender-Peppermint
Soothing lavender and invigorating peppermint together for a great combination of oils for calming the skin and self.

Rose Geranium
Balancing for the skin; good for combination skin overly-dry skin, and dry acne conditions; clove-like scent.

Tea Tree
Known for its anti-bacterial properties; especially helpful with acne.

Products containing essential oils shown above are considered safe for use on face and body, including as feminine hygiene, with the exception of camphor, clove, and tea tree, which should be dedicated for use in treating blemishes on face or back and not used on sensitive areas of the body. It is advised to not use camphor, clove, peppermint, or tea tree on areas of the body that can be sensitive. Any botanical can affect individuals differently, so all products should always be tested on a small area of skin before using as intended so you can immediately recognize any allergic reaction. Certain medical conditions may prevent some individuals from using essential oils, including pregnancy (lavender, for instance.) People with epilepsy should not use camphor or hyssop oil and peppermint essential oil should not be used on infants or small children. If you have a health condition, please seek information regarding the use of essential oils. As with any product you are using for the first time, test on a small area of skin first to make sure you have no allergic or adverse reaction, especially if you plan to use as feminine spray.
Using Botanicals
Please note that botanicals can affect individuals differently, so all products should always be tested on a small area of skin before using as intended so you can immediately recognize any allergic reaction. Please do not neglect to test first, as any person is capable of having a allergic reaction to any substance. If you have a history of allergies, we urge you to order a small sample product so you may conduct an allergy test before using.

~ Words of Caution ~
Some herbs should not be used or taken by children, people with particular health conditions or taking certain medications, or pets. It is up to you to inform yourself regarding these substances; please continue with your research if this may be a concern. As an example, pregnant women are advised to refrain from using lavender or rose essential oils. Some ingredients listed may have a notation regarding restricted usage; however, this does not imply that other herbs or oils should be disregarded from making sure they are compatible for your intended use. Suggestions within this website are to be taken merely as practical advice and each person should consider their own personal needs prior to utilizing any of this information or products.

Beware of allergic reactions as it is your responsibility to be aware of them and take proper measures prior to using any products by conducting small-area skin patch tests. If you are allergic to silver or gold jewelry, these colloidal minerals are most likely not suitable for you. If in doubt about certain products, such as essential oils, please research or review with a professional.

Information we share is not to be used to diagnose any skin conditions, nor it is a substitute for medical care provided by a licensed and qualified health professional. If you have serious skin conditions, please seek professional health advice.

Please note ... this page offers only a brief summary of the properties of the ingredients listed and is not intended to recommend any particular ingredient for any type of skin condition.

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Our products are free of alcohols, sulfates, phthalates, polysorbates, parabens, formaldehyde-releasers, endocrine disruptors, ethoxylated compounds, synthetic emulsifiers and preservatives, such as PEG's or Phenoxyethanol.

The natural preservatives we use are excellent for maintaining product quality, although with some products, such as creams, the shelf life is not as long as with synthetic preservatives. Care should be given to such products to help eliminate bacterial growth, such as not handling with wet hands, as water will introduce bacteria to the product. Ionic silver products have an extended shelf life due to the natural anti-bacterial capability.

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Please note that the information shared within this website is not to be considered as any type of cure, diagnosis, prevention or medical treatment of skin conditions. We merely offer general guidelines and tips for maintaining healthy skin, as well as cleansing and beautifying.

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